Jin Minng Industrial Co., Ltd. 有名なメーカー、サプライヤー、輸出国の一つであるスポーツ圧縮ソックスの工場とTaiwan。製造のラインでの長年の経験により、我々は、業界における当社の卓越したパフォーマンスで知られています。 Taiwan 我々は、有数のブランドの一つとして自分自身を助けた。我々は常に国際的な基準を満たすために当社の製品をアップグレードします。の誠意と努力と時間の配達を提供しています私たちは国際基準に品質と一致してきました専門家のチームを保持します。


JIN MINNG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD brings professional hosiery technique, quality control concept and products innovation to China from Taiwan case on 30 years professional experience. Founded JOYLES LIMITED in 1995.

JIN MINNG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD focuses on high quality socks, with strong developing core ability, we offer domestic and foreign countries doing OEM for many brand name Japan: TUTUANNA, MUJI. America: ANNA SUI, BETSEY JOHNSON, NICOLE MILLER and ANNE CLEIN. We also work for Disney. We have machine Lonoti 60 sets, Closio 30 sets and Raschel 5 sets, SANGIACOMO seamless machine 4 MC working many kind of popular socks like Paper print tight, multi-color tights, crochet and fishnet tights. Our company also has certification of ISO9002 : 2008 for guarantee of quality control.

JOYLES LIMITED Focus on offering any functional socks for domestic and foreign market. We have more than 20 factories cooperating with us. Focus on foot covers, compression socks(anti-varix stocking)and diabetic socks and seamless garment. Develop with new material such as bamboo charcoal yarn, cool max, nano yarn. Offering any kind of compression socks and seamless garment. Our capacity, 200Needle socks machine 60MC , Matec Peodolina 4a3, 30 MC SANTONY TOP2, 300 MC including 13, 14, 15, 16 inches.